Did you know? – Coit Tower

Did you know? – Coit Tower

At the summit of Telegraph Hill is Coit Tower. This flutelike cylinder was built in 1933, the legacy of Lillie Hitchcock Coit, who left a $125,000 bequest to San Francisco “for the purpose of adding beauty to the city which I have always loved.”

Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill is blessed with marvelous views. The construction of the tower was funded by a bequest from Lillie Hitchcock Coit who left one third of her fortune to the City and County of San Francisco “to be expended in an appropriate manner for the purpose of adding to the beauty of the city which I have always loved.” Murals on its ground floor walls were painted in 1933 by some 30 local artists; each piece depicting a different aspect of the Great Depression.

General Visitor Info in Coit Tower

A 360-degree view of the city is visible from the observation platform at the top of the tower. To gain access to the observation deck, there is a $3.00 fee to ride the elevator up.

Public transportation is strongly recommended for access to Coit Tower as traffic can be heavy in this area.

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