Walk through the decision process and make sure you’re not getting in over your head.

We will assist you during the whole home finding process, until you have signed a lease at the rental home of your choice. We know that finding a home to rent in the Bay Area can be a minefield; not only do you have the searching, viewing and selection process to worry about, but there’s the added issues of signing a rental agreement in a foreign country, maybe in a foreign language, all this while you already have so many things to deal with, including your new job!

Our team will be there in every step of the way during the home finding process, until we find you the right place, in the right neighborhood.

Once Upon a Town  is an Independent company with no links to any Real Estate Agent or any other person or institution and we take pride in stating that we do NOT accept commissions while assisting our clients selecting a new home.

Once Upon a Town is a San Francisco Relocation Services Independent company.

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