“Once you know what to expect, decisions are easily made”.

San Francisco isn’t designed like any typical city, and its neighborhoods are as diverse as its population. No one agrees on what a good neighborhood is because it really comes down to each person’s style and personality.

We will get to know you before you arrive so we can show you around with your personal preferences in mind, including lifestyle, commute needs (public transportation, roads, etc..), and other important things to consider. During this full day area tour, we want you to experience day-to-day life in each of the neighborhoods that you are considering. Here, we are not just offering to drive you around. We might stop for coffee or lunch, do some window shopping so you can truly feel what it would be like to be a local. 

Our goal is to help you make the best-informed decision about where you want to live in this new town.

The orientation process can start as early as you want, and usually organizing a “discovery” trip about a month or two before the actual relocation date can be very helpful. If you need to, we can also schedule a few appointments in order to give you an idea of the rental and buying market.

Once Upon a Town is a San Francisco Relocation Services Independent company.

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