Maria Chopskie

Originally from Brazil, I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived in other countries before moving here.  But none of that prepared me for moving permanently to the United States in 2004, first in Washington, D.C., then New York City, and finally to San Francisco.

Before setting into New York, I spent years working as an attorney at one of the top intellectual property law firms in Brazil.  Having made the decision to make the United States my home, I was lucky to have several friends in New York to ease my transition, helping me with the basics of living in a new city.  But when I came to San Francisco, I was on my own.  While my husband and I had a relocation company, it never came close to what I really needed:  detailed help with adjusting to San Francisco and an insider’s understanding its neighborhoods, schools, infrastructure, and activities—the essentials of a new life.

I want to give that help and understanding to you.  Steph, Margo, and I are dedicated to making your transition to San Francisco everything we wish we had had:  a friend on the ground and an insider’s view of your new home.